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Judith, it warms me to know that others including you, continue to peel away the layers of our shell to get to the center where the love for ourselves lies. I have gained so much inner wisdom from this class. This class, Fearless Living, was better than all the self-help books that I have read, searching for answers to my life’s hurdles and disappointments. This class taught me the skills to conquer many of the fears that have kept me from living my life in a positive way. I learned how complaining just advertised my fears and by asking myself “How” instead of “Why”, I was able to move into using proactive solutions. It taught me how to put my past at rest and be at peace with my present. I am amazed how this class changed my way of seeing and living my life. A paragraph in the book really summed it up for me; Fearless living is more than a happy ending. It’s also about fearless beginnings and savoring the thrill of the challenges instead of shrinking from them. Live every moment. Turn loss into gain and find the courage to explore, change, and grow. I recommend this class to everyone who wants to live without excuses and love without regret. It works! Thanks Judith for all of your insight and wisdom. Kay

Judith, I felt so much better after our session. I have been in a good mood ever since! I feel like I am getting a new outlook on life and the way I look at other people, and I can tell it’s going to make a big difference. It’s funny because the things I thought were giving me problems, aren’t what was causing me all the stress. It was self-inflected stress. I was blaming my problems on everyone else! Thank you so much for your help. – Julie (Cabinet Designer)

Judith, Wonderful workshop! Thank you so much for including me. The material really makes you have to reflect, past, present and future. You are a natural teacher. – Merrilee (Nanny)

I have had the pleasure of having Judith Auslander as my life coach. She has helped me tremendously in a lot of different areas in my life. Through her coaching, I learned to look at things in an entirely different way, to look at myself and what I am doing and the way I am reacting to other people. It has helped me save my marriage, and have a great relationship with my family members. I can’t begin to tell you the great difference it has made in my life, and it such a short time! I am eternally grateful to Judith for being such a great listener, and having such great ideas about how to react to other people. She also helped me achieve some goals I’ve had for a long time but couldn’t quite see a way to attain them. She helped me put them into small steps that were more realistic and achievable. All in all, I would have to say it has been a great learning and growing experience! – Julie Capps

Judith has a very comfortable presence. She uses humor nicely, asks good questions and summarizes the situation succinctly – Scarlet Tay (Counselor)

I recently completed the 10 week course facilitated by Judith Auslander for the book Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten. I was so comfortable and impressed with the manner that Judith was able to direct us through the aspects of the book as a group and at the same time allow us individually to gain the insight that will improve our lives. For me, recognizing my wheel of fear has provided the method to put a stop to constant negative self talk and self over-evaluation. Recognizing my wheel of freedom has become a tool to help access the joy in my moments. Thank you to Judith and Rhonda for showing me how to live Fearlessly! – Shelia

A tremendous listener. The rest of my morning was terrific after this motivating conversation. – Justin Stark (Lawyer Coaching Services)

Judith was compassionate, kind, and insightful. I felt that she was a partner in working with me on my issues, and kept me focused on results. – Kimberly Berry (Life Coach)

As a result of my coaching session with Judith, my determination to achieve my central goal was strengthened – she helped me reflect on the spiritual purpose of my life as well as the material success I hope to achieve. – Beverlee Patton-Allen (Author)

Judith got me to focus on a vision of where I want to be. I’d lost sight of myself. Judith guided me to see that I can actually make some relatively small, daily changes that will take me towards that vision. – JuliAnna (Mother)

Judith got me talking about things and thinking about things that sometimes cross my mind, but I never seem to take the time to sit down and actually contemplate. After talking with Judith, I have a renewed interest in making the time to do this. She clearly listened to me. – Chris Bradley (Banker)

I highly recommend Judith as a life coach. I have had the privilege of receiving coaching services from her and have found it to be one of the most influential life changing experiences I have ever had. Her coaching abilities are extraordinary. She is insightful, understanding, empathetic and intuitive. I have received more benefit from her skills and direction than I did from a career counselor, self-growth books and counselors in the mental health field. Judith utilizes a wealth of resources and techniques to help effect change, push through plateaus and create an environment of learning and acceptance. She provides specific activities and assignments geared towards the individual’s immediate and long term needs. She projects confidence to her clients and provides a sense of hope while traveling along a sometimes foggy journey. Her coaching skills help emphasize the journey and not just the destination. Judith has a positive, practical and humorous look at life that is infectious, inviting and encouraging. She feels comfortable in sharing her own struggles and successes and not only coaches, but acts like a “best friend”, giving honest feedback and useful insights. I would not hesitate to recommend Judith as a life coach. I sing her praises to anyone who will listen and believe she is well qualified to assist anyone going through life transitions. Coaching is not just a job for her; it is a calling, a passion and a purpose. I am deeply grateful for what Judith has helped me do for my life. I now have tools to use, not just concepts and very practical ways of discovering my purpose and passions. She has helped me tap into who I am and identify my significance to the world. Before meeting Judith, I didn’t know anything about life coaching or what it entailed. Now, I realize what an important service Judith provides and truly found good value in my life coaching investment. – Marcia Rowland (Life Coach)

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation and reference for Judith Auslander. Judith and I have maintained a close friendship for the last eleven years. Additionally Judith has supported me with a couple of coaching sessions as I tried to navigate through some challenging issues in my life. Judith and I met while attending Pacific University eleven years ago. She was a dedicated student who always stayed on top of her assignments unlike myself who leans more toward procrastination. I quickly learned that there was never a dull moment when Judith was around. She exudes energy, joy, and the love of life. This was the type of person I wanted in my life! After graduation, we worked together in a summer youth program provided through the City of Eugene Parks and Recreation Services. She was able to communicate appropriately to people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. It was in this context that I became aware of Judith’s great rapport with girls and women. There have been countless girls and young women that she has taken under her protective wing. Many of these have been so touched by Judith and the impact that she’s had upon their lives that they keep in contact via phone calls, letters and e-mails. Judith Auslander brings sensitivity and a profound commitment to coaching. From Reiki, to EFT and much more, she is open and eager to expand her knowledge base so that she can best serve her clients as a coach. She is constantly reading, researching and attending workshops to expand her professional development. Being coached by Judith was a pleasant, eye-opening and productive experience. She was an excellent listener who asked probing questions, which helped me get to the core of the issues I was working on. After each coaching session I felt like a burden had been lifted and that I was motivated get to work bringing about change in my life. Judith offered practical and do-able tasks for me to help me reach my goals. Best of all, I was able to follow through and experience success! I look forward to many more coaching sessions with Judith. I am pleased to give Judith Auslander my highest recommendation. – Leah Willow (Educator)

Judith Auslander is a significant person in my life. As my life coach and friend Judith is allowing me to develop a new awareness of myself. Judith has outstanding qualities that allow her to work with people. As a client I feel safe communicating with her which allows me to open up revealing fears that keep me from moving forward in life. I find Judith to be tactfully bold when I become self destructive with my words when we are communicating or reviewing written assignments. She is able to swiftly and with great knowledge guide me to revise my words or thought processes and make them positive. This in turn allows me to recognize how simply words and thoughts can be used to create a particular realm of lifestyle. I am astonished in the abundance of resources and exercises that Judith has for assisting to find insight and answers. It is with great skill that Judith is able to listen, observe and provide direction so that a person can make their own decisions with her guidance to attain goals. I am positive that it is Judith’s passion to create awareness and provide service through coaching and seminars that makes her so successful. I would recommend her to anyone. – Julie Hakert (Dental Hygienist)

Judith stands by her mission in life, which is to help others find their joy and purpose. Toward this goal, Judith has embarked on an educational journey that has included attaining her Masters in Education and completing training as a Certified Life Coach. Judith continuously is extending her learning. Some of the additional training that I know she has taken includes EFT, NLP, and a course in Know Your Purpose taught by Tim Kelley. I have attended two of Judith’s workshops. The first was in September 2007 and was titled D.R.E.A.M. (Destiny Realized at Every Awakened Moment). The second workshop was a series of four 2-hour trainings on goal setting. As a facilitator, I found Judith to be well prepared and organized. She presented comprehensive material in a fun and understandable manner which I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe it is important to note that the classes were comprised of group of people from diverse backgrounds and ages. Judith was able to connect to each of them with humor and style. I highly recommend Judith for your organization. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call me. – Jan Bergman (Social Worker)

Wow, that WAS a great session and I think you are DA BOMB. I have been doing my affirmations and already it has made a difference! Amazing! All these years I have never done any before. I will get your book as soon as I get the rent paid on the first! Thank you SO MUCH for your help, and I know it’s only the beginning! Take care and I’ll be in touch! – Deb

I thank you for taking me on as a client in my time of transition. At a time in my life when I seemed to have a million things going on at any given time, and not sure how to prioritize my next move, you helped to guide me. I sincerely thank you and would recommend anyone that needs a little gentle guidance to turn to you! Thanks a million! – Audrey Tappan (Life Coach)

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